HS Orka is the leading private electricity generator in Iceland

The company has been producing 100% renewable energy for 43 years and owns and operates two geothermal plants, Svartsengi and Reykjanes, with a combined capacity of 174MW. The company also has a 10MW hydropower plant, Br├║arvirkjun, and operates a water and district heating supply business.

The company has also developed the Resource Park, a concept where companies are able to locate in proximity to HS Orka’s plants and benefit from the electricity generated as well as byproducts of the geothermal process, including water, heat, geothermal fluids and gases. The Resource Park has attracted industries including biotechnology, agriculture, leisure and tourism, generating investment and creating new employment in Iceland. Through the Resource Park, HS Orka aims to create a “society without waste”

Ancala acquired a 50% interest in HS Orka alongside a consortium of 14 Icelandic pension funds.