Portsmouth Water is responsible for water supply and distribution in the Portsmouth region of the UK

Portsmouth Water has 264 employees and covers an area of 868 km2, serving a population of 731,000. It has 18 service reservoir sites and 21 treatment works which supply water to 322,000 properties through a mains network with a total length of 3,550 km.

The company was formed in 1857 as the Borough of Portsmouth Waterworks Company to supply Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. It grew through a series of mergers including with Gosport Waterworks Company in 1955. The company headquarters are located in Havant, Hampshire. 

Portsmouth Water was ranked at the top of the sector in the latest C-Mex (customer measure of experience) survey and at the top of the sector in the latest D-Mex (developer measure of experience) survey conducted by Ofwat showing satisfaction with Portsmouth Water’s service.

Portsmouth Water is undertaking the development of Havant Ticket Reservoir to provide vital water resources to the South East of England. Havant Thicket is the first major reservoir to be developed in the UK since the 1980s and will play a key role in reducing abstraction from the South East’s internationally renowned chalk streams, the River Itchen and River Test.

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