Our portfolio companies play a vital role in the communities and environments they serve.

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Creating value

Energy Transition & Renewables


Biogen is a leading owner and operator of green energy anaerobic digestion plants.

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Fjord Base

Fjord Base is the largest Norwegian supply base. It services major offshore energy and renewable companies.

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Green Highland Renewables

Green Highland Renewables is a leading developer and operator of hydropower plants.

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HS Orka

HS Orka is the leading private electricity generator in Iceland and the third largest energy producer in the country.

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Magnon Green Energy

Magnon is the largest generator of renewable energy from agricultural and forestry biomass in Spain.

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Noventa is a leading decarbonised heating and cooling solutions provider. It has a pipeline of advanced projects across the globe.

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Orites is the largest wind farm in Cyprus. It has an installed renewable electricity generation capacity of 82MW.

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Solandeo delivers full-scale smart metering solutions.

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UK Solar Portfolio

The UK solar portfolio is a collection of 21 solar sites across the UK.

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Islands Energy Group is the sole gas utility provider for around 40,000 domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

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Leep Utilities

Leep Utilities owns and operates regulated last-mile utility networks across the UK.

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Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth Water is an industry-leading regulated water only company that provides clean water to 324,000 households.

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Avincis provides essential emergency medical, firefighting, and search and rescue aviation services under availability-based contracts.

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Hector Rail

Hector Rail is the largest private rail freight provider in Scandinavia and has a presence in Germany, Europe’s largest freight market.

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Liverpool Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport was established in 1933. It serves passengers across the North West of England and Wales.

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Circular Economy


Augean provides sustainable waste management solutions for highly complex and specialist wastes.

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Fore Freedom

Fore Freedom develops, owns and operates high-speed fibre-to-the-office networks in business parks across the Netherlands. 

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Ancala Water Services

Ancala Water Services provides water, wastewater, fire system maintenance and specialist estate management services.

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Iris Care Group

Iris Care Group is the largest independent health and social care provider across the South West of England and South Wales.

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Dragon LNG and Energy

Dragon LNG is a liquefied natural gas regasification terminal located in Milford Haven, Wales.

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The SAGE System comprises the SAGE and Beryl offshore pipelines and the SAGE gas processing terminal.

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