Ancala Water Services provides water, wastewater, fire system maintenance and specialist estate management services to the UK Ministry of Defence and customers in its estate.

These are delivered under a long-term PPP contract to more than 1,100 sites in Wales, South West England and parts of the Midlands and South East England.

Under the long-term PPP contract, Ancala Water Services manages boreholes, reservoirs, surface water pumping stations, sewage pumping stations, treatment works, distribution mains, oil and water interceptors, sewers and meters.

A reliable owner to complete the carveout

Ancala invested in the business in 2018. We identified the UK non-regulated water sector as an attractive market providing potential to create value through improved performance and business development. The asset was previously owned by Kelda Group and was classified as non-core following a decision of the group to focus on its core regulated water business. Ancala’s deep experience within the water and utilities sectors, especially through our Industry Partners, helped us to complete the investment.

Delivering industry-leading performance

Since then, we have worked closely with the business to deliver a significant decrease in health and safety incidents, leakage across its network and performance deductions. These now sit at industry-leading levels. We also led the business to deliver a meter installation programme which led to much more accurate measurement of water volumes consumed. Ancala has also helped the business to win tenders for network alteration projects out of the scope of its contract.