Fjord Base is a leading Norwegian supply base, servicing major offshore energy and renewable companies along the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

It is Norway’s largest supply base by area and is located in Florø on Norway’s western coast, handling 2,000 ships per year and 400 kilotons over quay per annum.

The business has an established track record of providing critical infrastructure and logistics services to major multi-national energy companies with on- and off-shore operations, such as Equinor and Neptune Energy, on long-term contracts. It is an essential transport base in the Norwegian energy sector.

A bespoke solution

Ancala acquired a majority stake in the business in 2023 from the two founders. We secured the opportunity on a bilateral basis after developing a strong relationship with the vendors over two years and proposing a bespoke solution to best suit their needs.

Enabling major Energy Transition initiatives

A primary focus of our investment is to help the business provide services to on- and off-shore renewable energy operators, making it a key player in Norway’s energy transition.

As Norway’s largest supply base, registering 1,500,000m2, and with its skillset developed over decades of provision of critical infrastructure services to major offshore installations, Fjord Base is uniquely placed to support the offshore wind industry. It is also exploring the development of a hydrogen production plant and ammonia bunkering facilities to support the transition to a zero-emission maritime industry.

Since Ancala invested, the business has further developed its energy transition initiatives, particularly within offshore wind.