Green Highland Renewables (GHR) is a leading developer and operator of hydropower plants in the UK.

It operates and maintains over 50 hydropower plants. The majority of its revenues are generated through long-term inflation-linked feed-in-tariffs.

Powering expansion through acquisition

Ancala invested in GHR in 2015. We identified the company as a leading platform with a strong existing asset base to consolidate a highly fragmented sector. The business had a leading technical team that was looking for additional capital to enhance existing sites and further build out its portfolio. Ancala was able to secure the opportunity on a bilateral basis through our identification and proactive approach.

Following Ancala’s investment we led the business to develop new hydro plants, acquire operating plants and deliver significant operational improvements. The operational improvements increased the uptime of the power generation from all of its sites. We also added the expertise of our Industry Partners to the business which helped to enhance its operating performance and reporting procedures.

Quadrupling its portfolio of hydro sites

Under Ancala’s ownership, the business to expanded its hydro portfolio by developing new plants and completing four acquisitions. This resulted in GHR to quadrupling its portfolio of sites, increasing the capacity of it sites to over 23 MW and increasing its revenues by almost 10x under Ancala’s ownership.