Noventa is a leading decarbonised heating and cooling solutions provider.

It has a pipeline of advanced projects across Canada, the UK and the US.

Noventa develops proprietary Wastewater Energy Transfer™️ (WET™️) Systems, anchored by the HUBER ThermWin®️ technology. These harness the thermal energy in wastewater to provide heating and cooling without Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions, while also greatly reducing Scope 2 emissions. When owned and operated by Noventa, the WET™️ Systems are delivered through a long-term and inflation-linked Energy-as-a-Service (“EaaS”) model. On average, Noventa’s solutions reduce building carbon emissions from heating by more than 70%.

Noventa is currently developing the world’s largest raw WET™ System at Toronto Western Hospital which will supply up to 90% of the campus’ heating and cooling needs.

Leveraging Ancala’s water and utilities experience

Ancala acquired Noventa Energy Partners in March 2023. In parallel, we raised a CAD 100m facility from the Canadian Infrastructure Bank to support the rollout of Noventa’s projects in Canada. Our experience with project rollout plans and the significant experience of our Industry Partners within the water and utilities sectors helped us to secure the investment.

Delivering an international pipeline of wastewater energy transfer systems

We are now pursuing international growth and ramping up the delivery of a significant pipeline of projects in Scotland and North America. Our investment in Noventa will help more organisations to decarbonise their operations, avoid large upfront investment costs and generate long-term cost savings.