The Scottish Area Gas Evacuation (SAGE) System comprises the SAGE and Beryl offshore pipelines and the SAGE gas processing terminal.

The system connects to 46 North Sea fields through nine primary hubs and transports gas through to the SAGE terminal at St Fergus, north of Aberdeen in Scotland. Gas is then processed before entering the national gas transmission system. The pipeline benefits from a monopoly transportation position. It owns and operates life-of-field contracts with exclusivity provisions.

A complex carveout

Ancala acquired the SAGE System in 2017 as part of complex carveout from global energy firm Apache. Demonstrating our ability to execute the complicated carveout was critical to securing the opportunity. We proactively proposed and prepared an operator transition plan in advance of the transaction to ensure the smooth transfer of operations. The system is operated by Ancala Midstream, which Ancala established to oversee the system.

Continued delivery

We are ensuring the continued delivery of the SAGE system’s critical services. Ancala has guided the business to successfully achieve over 99% terminal availability and maintain industry-leading levels of health and safety. Several new offtake and processing contracts have been secured since Ancala invested. These have prompted a delay to the decommissioning date beyond what was assumed in the original investment case.

Work is underway to reduce carbon emissions through rationalisation and optimisation of the terminal.