Solandeo is a fast-growing owner and operator of smart meters, based in Germany.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Berlin, the business has an existing portfolio of installed and active smart meters and a secured orderbook to install a significant number of additional meters.

Solandeo’s services are typically provided under long-term guaranteed contracts. The business works with leading energy providers in Germany including 1KOMMA5°, Sonnen and Enpal, among other key customers.

Proactively identifying and securing the opportunity

Ancala identified the German smart metering market as an attractive opportunity considering the German government’s mandate that smart meters be rolled out nationally to commercial and residential customers from 2025. This forms part of the country’s plans to achieve climate neutrality by 2045.

Ancala identified Solandeo as a leading operator that required additional capital to meet rapidly growing demand for its smart meters and services.

Delivering growth

Ancala’s investment and active asset management approach will enable Solandeo to scale up to deliver best-in-class metering assets and services to the German energy market. This includes the accelerated rollout of Solandeo’s substantial order book and the expansion of existing and the development of new customer relationships. Solandeo has already, as part of the investment by Ancala, agreed an expanded partnership with its largest customer 1KOMMA5°, which has signed a substantially increased metering contract with the business.