Asset Management

Active asset management to deliver superior outcomes for all stakeholders

Ancala is an active asset manager. We partner with management teams to develop companies, devoting expert attention to strategy, finance and operations, encouraging management to think differently about opportunities and providing specialist capabilities and capital where necessary. Together we develop a business plan to deliver on each portfolio company‚Äôs full potential, and we then support management in delivering. Our industry partners also mentor management, bringing the breadth of their operational experience to each of our investments.

The business plan is always tailored to the company and could involve organic and/or acquisitive growth, as well as operational improvement. As a firm we do not shy away from making challenging decisions if we must, as our objective is to do what is best for the company, our investors, and all other stakeholders over the long term.

Ancala looks to improve each investment for the benefit of all stakeholders. We consider ESG at each stage of the investment cycle engaging with the community and working with businesses to improve operations and enhance performance, for example by reducing emissions; adding renewable energy sources; reducing waste; encouraging diversity and a particular focus on health and safety.

Our approach creates real value for investors and drives superior returns.