Magnon is the largest generator of renewable energy from agricultural and forestry biomass in Spain.

It has an installed capacity of 266 MW across eight plants which process over 1.5m tonnes of agricultural and forestry biomass each year.

Magnon’s biomass is sourced in the Iberian Peninsula and its supply chain is made up of more than 300 suppliers. On the surface, biomass may seem entirely sustainable but its use can pose risks in terms of land-use change, biodiversity loss, human rights and food security. It is vitally important that Magnon considers the entirety of its supply chain to ensure that its feedstock is indeed sustainable. It is also imperative for the business to have a robust process to evidence the quality of its supply chain to regulators.

A leading approach

Since investing in 2020, Ancala has supported the business to develop an industry-first supplier assessment, monitoring and certification programme which increases transparency and traceability within its supply chain. This programme gives Magnon the tools to help every organisation in its supply chain deliver the highest ethical and behaviour standards. It encourages its suppliers to best protect their staff, particularly when it comes to human and labour rights.

The programme also ensures that across Magnon’s supply chain biomass management does not cause harm to the natural environment, the greatest energy efficiency is prioritised for all related operations, and that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.

Magnon works with its suppliers to guide their own growth and development. It is supporting investment in machinery and advising on training for their staff, contributing to the improvement of standards in the biomass industry.

Ancala has also worked with the business to create regional biomass collection centres. This reduces transport-related carbon emissions and pollution, while increasing the size of its supply market.

Certified success

In 2021 Magnon was the first European company to achieve the SURE (Sustainable Resources) certification. By the end of 2022, after providing training and technical assistance, approximately a third of Magnon’s biomass suppliers have also achieved certification under the SURE scheme.

Magnon’s approach sets an example to others operating in the sector on how to ensure the sourcing of sustainable biomass.


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