We are persistent and tenacious in generating and delivering on ideas.

With the support of our Industry Partners, former CEOs and chairs of leading infrastructure businesses, we utilise our extensive industry experience and our networks to identify opportunities and build relationships. We deliver on opportunities that others might overlook.

The Ancala team works proactively with vendors to provide bespoke solutions. We are flexible and creative in our approach to investment structuring and implement an array of transaction types.

  • c.80% of investments sourced on a bilateral basis

Investment criteria

We take a unique approach to assessing and investing in assets. We are not governed by sectors or geographies. We focus on finding investments with traditional infrastructure characteristics.

We focus on opportunities typically valued at less than €1bn, where there are clear prospects for value creation.

We also incorporate value creation, including environmental social and governance (ESG) improvement, throughout our entire investment life cycle. Before investing, we map out how we can support the business. We then prioritise opportunities that will create the most value for the business and deliver for its stakeholders.

Consistent downside protection

Consistent downside protection

Ancala takes a disciplined approach to downside protection. When reviewing an investment and its value creation plan, we mitigate risks we can control and ensure that there is minimal exposure to those we cannot.

Our conservatism has helped our portfolio outperform, even through economic turbulence.

Interested in finding out more?

If you’re an institutional investor interested in finding out more about investing with Ancala, contact us: contact@ancala.com